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About Us

Technology Engineers and Architects (T.E.A.), an IT, computer and consulting company, is a leader in providing practical and affordable technology solutions since 2000. Our T.E.A.m has been in the IT industry since the late 1990's. Our mission is to provide you with the best service and solution without major additions to your current expenses.

T.E.A. provides Customized technology solutions to fit and improve your business. We are looking to have a long term relationship where we can help your business thrive and prosper. T.E.A. can assume the role of your IT department and support needs which allows you to focus and manage your own business. We can also supplement your operation with the proper disaster and recovery solution, network and application development, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions and more. All services are designed to help you stay in business and meet today's challenges.

Our certified technologists are constantly being trained on the newer technologies giving you, through knowledge, the confidence that we will always provide you with the best technology options so that you can make an informed investment and decision. You can be confident that our professional staff has your best interest and can do the job right. We never charge for consultation and will often give you insight on understanding how your own technology is performing.

Our mission is to provide you with the best service and solution without major additions to your current expenses.

What our clients are saying

"Recently our accounting server went down, and was offline for a few days while parts were obtained and replaced. With the backup and disaster recovery services provided by T.E.A., we had business continuity during the crisis, and we were able to finish our payroll on-time, even while the server was down."
Thomas M. Titus Jr, CPA VP & C.F.O.,  Eastern Millworks Inc.

"Since 2004, we have relied on T.E.A. to point us in the right direction for our technology needs, and for specialized application development. When they suggested that we needed BDR protection, we agreed it was a good idea, and have been happy with the service ever since."
Glen Buchbaum, Executive Vice President, Tri State Financial Press, LLC

"T.E.A. offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions are affordable, and go much further than many of the web-based solutions out there. Fast, frequent, point-in-time backups mean I always have a recent copy onsite, and the offsite and virtualization options give me a total disaster solution. T.E.A. also has great desktop and server support technicians to assist me with my other technology needs."
Justin Crawford, Office Manager and Director of IT Geraghty, Foti & Suarez, LLP

"We used to use tape backups, and it seems that there was always a problem. When we had to restore something, it was lengthy and problematic, and often we d find that not all the data had been backed up. Now, the T.E.A. backups run throughout the day, and recovering data from even several months ago takes only a few minutes."
Sam Samuel Owner, Midas Chain Inc.