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AbleCommerce Hosting & Development: New Jersey, New York, and nationwide e-commerce customization with AbleCommerce 7 and AbleCommerce Gold

AbleCommerce is a complete e-commerce software program that allows merchants to sell shippable or digital goods on the internet. With AbleCommerce Hosting and Development, New Jersey small and midsize businesses can use their browser to securely connect and manage their store, customers, and orders from anywhere in the world. This is a full Asp.Net application that installs easily. The software was invented in 1993, and first sold in 1994 under the name of "StoreBuilder". This easy-to-use shopping cart system is full of features, customizable, and affordable for merchants. Ablecommerce is an easy-to-use shopping cart system, which is fully customizable, and cost-efficient features, particularly for merchants. Ablecommerce also complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

AbleCommerce Sample Sites

Our AbleCommerce Hosting & Development Services Include

T.E.A. has been doing e-commerce development on shopping cart platforms for nearly 20 years. Custom AbleCommerce development is a key to getting a competitive edge. Without the custom development, you essentially have an out-of-the-box, cookie cutter shopping cart. With custom development, you are able to extend the uniqueness of your business online. We have the custom development background and tools to extend and integrate AbleCommerce into your existing or new business. Customization and application development is an art. Don't trust your development needs to just anyone.

  • We specialize in AbleCommerce back-end development.
  • We perform AbleCommerce third-party integration.
  • Affordable hosting AbleCommerce storefronts.
  • We customize and extend the functionality of AbleCommerce site to fit business needs.
  • We integrate AbleCommerce with a third party Systems.
  • We integrate AbleCommerce with Order Management Systems.
  • AbleCommerce maintenance including management of upgrades and bug fixes.
  • Help you launch Custom Payment Gateways
  • Custom Shipping Integrations
  • Automation and integration with existing in house systems
  • AbleCommerce Integration with Quick Books
  • Product and Catalog Feeds to Google Merchant, Amazon, Shopzilla, TheFind and more
  • Automatic Recurring Billing and management
  • Amazon feeds for AbleCommerce
  • Google feeds for AbleCommerce
  • Shopzilla feeds for AbleCommerce
  • Custom feed design
  • Customized themes and designs
  • Support of our AbleCommerce Development (New Jersey, Connecticut & nationwide)

Basic AbleCommerce Features

  • Well written shopping cart features using Asp.Net standards
  • Award winning code
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Product Variants
  • Easy Order Management
  • Catalog and Content Management System
  • Powerful software, yet still easy-to-use and deploy
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Support of our AbleCommerce Hosting & Development (NJ, NY & nationwide)

AbleCommerce Gold Features

This next generation of AbleCommerce is golden...with a sparkling new merchant administration and features to improve efficiency and workflow. Gold version provides merchants better website editing features, so you can customize nearly every page in your store and easily create more. Now you will be able to make your own style and color changes with the new Theme Designer. We're encouraging stylists to create AbleCommerce themes and send us samples for our Theme Gallery. With the Theme importer, you'll be able to import and export themes for use in any AbleCommerce Gold installation.

In this release, the biggest change is one that you may not see right away. AbleCommerce upgraded the core CommerceBuilder API so it will support current development technologies, and our web scripts now use WAP for faster startup times. Developers should find customization and upgrades much easier with AbleCommerce API, which undergoes hundreds of automated tests with every change.

New Features Available in AbleCommerce Gold

  • Product Review Reminder Service will send an email to your customers asking for feedback on their purchases.
  • SEO Improvements including custom Page Titles, Meta Keyword and Description, Rich Snippets.
  • Google Feed improvements including the 2013 Spring update and support for product Variants and Options.
  • More Data Exchange features including WorldShip� and the ability to import and export product Variants/Options.
  • Data Exchange features with Order Export, Product Export and Import
  • Address Verification through USPS shipping
  • Amazon Payments - Increase shopper confidence with Amazon Payments or an Amazon Checkout option.
  • Mobile Store Templates - Offer users a version of your store that they can use on their mobile device.

What's New for the merchant...

  • Improved HTML - no table layouts, CSS friendly, and retail scripts are w3c valid
  • Much faster product searches without requiring SQL Server Full Text search
  • All new store themes and choice of 3 additional merchant admin themes.
  • Reorganized admin with easier access to important management tasks
  • Updated user account management with tabbed interface
  • Improved image gallery for product browsing
  • Redesigned checkout experience
  • Merchants can now process refunds of gift certificates
  • Easier entry of meta keywords and descriptions for products and other web content
  • tabbed interfaces for order and product management
  • Capture payments from the main order screen
  • Better features for managing website content.
  • Import and export store themes
  • Make changes to your store theme with the new CSS editor
  • Customize your page layouts with the layout manager
  • Orders can now be deleted by superuser admins
  • Valid payment is now required for an order to be submitted

AbleCommerce Resources

AbleCommerce help site
AbleCommerce Forums
Search content on all AbleCommerce sites
AbleComemrce 7 Merchant Guide
AbleCommerce Help Site

AbleCommerce Plugins

  • Also Bought
  • Animator
  • Batch Capture Plugin
  • Batch Image Resizer
  • Beanstream Payment Gateway
  • BoGo Coupons
  • Bulk Specials and Category Copy
  • Buy Season Drop Ship Integration
  • Call Center
  • Cardinal Centinel Plugin for AbleCommerce
  • Categorize by Price Navigation Widget
  • Charity Checkout Plugin
  • Content Slider
  • Coupon Category Manager
  • Copyright Updater
  • Credit Card Storage
  • Directory Page
  • Email Harvest Plugin
  • Email Marketing for AbleCommerce 7
  • Facebook Connect
  • Fedex Negotiated/Discounted Rates
  • File Uploader
  • Forms Creator
  • Gift with Purchase Plugin
  • Google Product Feed
  • Header Basket
  • Image Zoom
  • Item Report
  • Mail Order Manager® Customer Service Module
  • Mail Order Manager® Inventory Module
  • Mail Order Manager® Orders Module
  • Mobile Commerce Plugin
  • Multiple Image Viewer
  • Multiple Image Viewer with Zoom
  • Navigation Bar Plugin
  • Next / Previous Product Navigation Link
  • NYCE SafeDebit Payment Gateway
  • Personalization
  • Product Comparisons
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Products Assigned to User Groups
  • Quick Order
  • Referral and Loyalty Plugin
  • Report & Export Wizard
  • Search Keyword Report
  • SEO Manager
  • Site Map Submission Service
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Store Locator / Dealer Finder
  • Tabbed Content Box for Category Pages
  • Tabbed Content Box for Product Pages
  • Tax Service
  • Top Seller Search & Category Results
  • UPS Address Verification
  • Volume Discount Wizard
  • News Desk Plugin
  • Feed Builder
  • Product Tags Module
  • Featured Categories
  • Simple Poll Plugin
  • Search AutoComplete
  • Product Custom Fields UI
  • Category Custom Fields UI
  • ShopBy Attributes Module
  • Bing Shopping Data Feed for AbleCommerce
  • User Controls and Widgets
  • Info Box
  • Advanced Product Comparison
  • Ajax Popup Login
  • FaceBook Share
  • Facebook Like Widget
  • Also Bought Control
  • Social Bookmarks Control
  • Links Box Control
  • Feed Reader
  • Product Just Bought Control
  • Recently Bought Items Control
  • New Arrivals ConLib Control
  • Product Specials ConLib Control
  • AbleCommerce Gold Web Connector for QuickBooks
  • AbleCommerce 7 Connector for QuickBooks
  • AbleCommerce 7 Job Scheduler
  • Returns Manager Module

Have any questions about AbleCommerce Hosting and Development? New Jersey-based Technology Engineers & Architects is here to help you customize your technology solutions. Contact us today! We are your destination for AbleCommerce Hosting and Development in NJ, NY, CT and beyond!


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