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For the purpose of attaining the business goals and budgets of our clients, T.E.A. leverages expertise, experience, and industry relationships to offer complete IT solutions. With our wide-spectrum of IT services, we can enrich your ability to reach new and broader markets, communicate and build deeper relationships with current customers, strengthen your brand, and increase staff productivity by taking advantage of the latest information technology solutions.

T.E.A., along with our subsidiaries and partners, has been providing IT support services since 1990.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

With affordable IT services that back up your data every 15 minutes, you can often be back operational in less than 2 hours.

• Backup data every 15 mins • Restore access to vital data in minutes
• Act as failed servers and allows you to keep your   business running • Replace faulty error-prone tape backups with   rapidly deployed onsite device

Managed IT Services  (MSO)

A low-cost, high outcome for proactively monitoring your servers and desktops on a 24x7 basis for any malfunctions, viruses, & critical software updates. Our IT Managed Services product integrates virus protection to ensure proper protection of your systems. We can almost immediately show you proactive alerts for many of the problems you are currently experiencing but have not been able to solve.

• Proactive monitoring 24x7 • Low Cost and High Outcome
• Virus protection • Monitor Servers and PCs
• System updates and patches  

Networking & Communications

• Server Build-Outs & Upgrades • Network Rollouts
• Security • Disaster Response & Recovery
• LAN/WAN Roll-outs & Upgrades • WAN Routing
• Vendor Management • Operating system Migrations
• Feasibility and Growth Studies • Satellite DATACOMM
• Needs Analysis & Infrastructure • Planning
• Client Technical Representation • Vessel DATACOMM
• High-Availability Planning

Database Development

• Assessments • Planning & Design
• Web Integration • Back-Office Integration
• All Industry Platforms

Application Development

• Network & LAN Integration • Web Server Implementation & Design
• Feasibility and Growth Studies • Security Assessments

Website & E-Commerce

• Needs Analysis & Infrastructure • Planning
• Site Programming & Development • Database Integration
• Shopping Cart Integration • Automated Credit Card Processing
• Secure Socket Layer(SSL / HTTPS) • Web-Based Application Development
• Secure Web Hosting • Site Maintenance
• Outsourced Management • E-Mail Hosting & Remote Access

Able Commerce & E-Commerce Development

• Needs Analysis & Infrastructure • Planning
• Site Programming & Development • Database Integration
• Shopping Cart Integration • Automated Credit Card Processing
• Page Customizations • Site Maintenance

Network & Information Security

• Assessments • Firewall Architecture
• Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) • Secure Remote Access
• Automated Virus Protection • Data Classification

Workflow & Production

• Scanning • Coding
• Workflow Analysis • Document Imaging Solutions

Phone Systems

• Corporate Systems Implementation & Management • (PBX, Key Systems, etc.)
• Automated Call Distributor (ACD) Systems • Call Center Assessment & Studies
• Voice Mail Systems (VM) • Multi-Site Integration for PBX, ACD or VM
• Voice Over IP (VOIP) • Point-To-Point Circuits
• Feasibility and Growth Studies • Client Technical Representation

Platform Technologies

     Windows 7 Operating System
     Windows Vista Operating System
     Microsoft Office 2007
     Windows Server 2008 Operating system
     Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Software
     Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Software
     Microsoft Dynamics Business Management Solutions
     Windows Mobility Platform (Windows Mobile, Pocket PCs or Smartphones)
• AS400
• and many more

Technology Engineers and Architects offers free IT consulting with one of our experts to discuss your IT service’s needs. From managed services to hourly IT support, we’re here to help. Contact us today!

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